Texacta oy is a company, which delivers high class materials and accessories to the clothing- textile- shoe-and bag industry

Texacta is family owned business that has operated since 1991. Company is owned and managed by entrepreneurs Tuula ja Martti Rantasalo. Company’s long history and decade long experience is seen in the quality and efficiency of customer service. Texacta serves customers always with a professional and friendly attitude. Texacta’s showroom in Tampere serves customers on demand. If you are interested in visiting our showroom, please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

Tuula Rantasalo
+358 40 541 7906

Martti Rantasalo
+358 40 063 1920

Texacta Showroom

Lukinkatu 22
33580 Tampere

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Texacta Oy
Tuula Rantasalo
Tel. +358 40 541 7906